Diving Into the World of Animated Explainer Videos

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Animated explainer videos are one of the most commonly used explainer videos. Entrepreneurs and businesses alike, often opt for animated explainer videos over others. That being said, such animated videos have many types; screencast, cartoon style, whiteboard, motion graphics and three dimensional or 3D.

  • Screencast Animation

Screencast explainer videos are digital recordings of a device such as a mobile phone or a laptop. These digital recordings record the screen output of a device performing certain tasks, somewhat like a screen recording but with a soundtrack or voiceover. Hence, screencast videos tend to be very simple and easy to understand. The nature of this explainer video essentially requires less work and therefore, has the lowest production costs, making it the best option for newly-formed businesses.

  • Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation videos are known for drawing in the audience by making it seem like a story is being told by drawing onto a whiteboard. Such a way of presenting information also seems very educational and practical, tapping into the conditioned minds of the audience and ultimately making it easier for them to understand complex statements. This type of animated explainer videos may be pricier as compared to screencast videos but is well worth the extra money.

  • Cartoon Style Animation

This type of explainer video is also referred to as a character animated video. Videos such as these have specially illustrated characters and background settings such as those in cartoons, thus, this type of animated video has the most resemblance to a live-action video. An advantage of such videos is that custom made characters allow you the freedom to create characters that best fit your brand identity. These characters also help engage the audience and allow them to relate more to the company.

  • 3D or Three Dimensional Animation

Three dimensional animation videos are much like cartoon style animated videos but with the addition of three dimensional elements. There are endless possibilities of what can be created using three dimensional animation. This however is the most expensive type of animated explainer video because of the great quality of the video and the amount of time and effort that goes into the making of such a video. 3D animated videos by far seem to be the most captivating explainer videos and if you have the time and money to spare, this is the right the way to go!

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